Menu Engineering

Maximising Revenue

Putting together a profitable menu is a science – a combination of maths, creative writing, psychology and graphic design. Creating the best combination of items, and then putting these items together on the physical menu itself, can massively increase profits in any business. Menu engineering is not limited to restaurants – it is equally applicable to bars, nightclubs, bowling alleys, laser tag arenas, and the list goes on. If your business offers customers a choice of product, then menu engineering can help maximise your profits. IHS can offer an analysis of your full product range and bottom line contribution in order to create a menu designed to maximise your profits.

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Point of Sale

Impactful and relevant Point of Sale, or PoS, can greatly improve the image of a business for a minimal cost. Good PoS will work as part of a menu engineering strategy to help manage customer choice, and so improve profitability. IHS is proud to work with our partners Magpie Marketing to offer a full graphic design and print management service. Use IHS to deliver an effective PoS solution from concept through to installation in your business.

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Minimisation of Stock Holding

Overstocking can lead to major pressure on cashflow in any business environment. While effective stock control can minimise this problem to an extent, stock holding is intrinsically linked to menu design. A six page cocktail list may be interesting for connoisseurs, but is a turn off for many customers, and worse than that, requires a hefty holding stock of slow moving spirits. In the same way, an extensive food menu may provide a lot of choice, but needs huge amounts of stock on hand. This not only has cashflow implications, but also a physical impact through the storage space needed. High levels of holding stock can also lead to disorganised storage areas, which in turn will lead to Health and Safety risks. A well put together set of menus can eliminate these problems and in turn, improve the profitability of your business.

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