Management Consultancy

Let IHS help you:

  • Take control of your business
  • Operate safely and legally in a tough business environment
  • Increase the time you can spend focusing on service
  • Use the best practice solutions from the best in the industry

Running a profitable business in the Hospitality or Leisure sectors is a complicated science, and there are many factors to be considered when making any decision. IHS offers all the specific services detailed on this site, but we also can provide a more generalist solution.

RICO Business Report

The Directors of IHS have developed a robust system of assessing each business we work with, which comprises the following stages:

  • Reconnaissance – an IHS Director visits the business as a Mystery Customer to build up a solid impression of the service and standards demonstrated
  • Inspection – an IHS Director conducts a thorough walk-through of the venue, including back of house areas. This will either take place on, or be partly comprised of, a Peak trading visit
  • Competitor Survey – the local competition is assessed, including trade patterns and pricing
  • Outcome – a report is prepared for the business owner showing the information gathered, and the recommendations for resolving any issues found

This approach differs from ‘traditional’ consultancy approaches as the focus is firmly on the customer experience from the start. Our consultants are NOT “9-5er’s” – if your Peak trading times are Friday and Saturday night, the focus of our assessment will be there.