licensing Support

Running a licensed business in today’s climate can be tough for many reasons, and not just with the current economic pressures. Licensing authorities and local police forces are becoming tougher and tougher on licence holders and it seems like there’s always a pitfall just around the corner. Because of this, Independent Hospitality Solutions offers a range of assistance in the licensing field, from Preventative Actions covering a host of proven Due Diligence actions, to Emergency Measures designed to manage the danger of a licence review.

All IHS training is carried out by experienced professionals with a minimum teaching qualification of PTLLS Level 4.

Preventative Actions

All licence holders, including Personal Licence holders acting as DPS, and premises licence holders whose business undertakes the sale of age restricted products, have a duty to exercise Due Diligence in regards to these sales. While carrying out any, or all, of these preventative actions obviously cannot ensure the safety of your licence; it will vastly reduce the chances of breach and limit any potential action resulting from a breach.

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licensing Audits

There is a range of essential licensing documentation, as well as a great deal of mandatory training, required from those involved in the supply of age restricted products. IHS can provide services ranging from an initial implementation of these requirements, to systems designed to ensure they are kept up to date at all times. This often takes the place of a regular site audit, which demonstrates excellent Due Diligence on the part of the business owner, and shows a clear commitment to the licensing objectives.

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Accredited Training

  • Personal Licence Holder training: HABC Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF)
  • Accredited training for all those serving Alcohol/Tobacco: HABC Level 2 Award in Underage Sales Prevention (QCF)
  • SIA Training: HABC Level 2 Award in Door Supervision (QCF)

Non-Accredited Training

  • Training and upskilling for Managers who Supervise the sale of Alcohol/Tobacco
  • Training and upskilling for Staff Members who carry out the sale of Alcohol/Tobacco
  • Training and upskilling for Security Staff

Assessment (available as both one-off and ongoing packages)

  • Test Purchasing (can be delivered as part of a bespoke Mystery Customer programme)
  • Professional Security Assessment
  • Due Diligence administration assessment

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Emergency Measures

Even if all available preventative measures are taken, and a licence holder has exercised excellent Due Diligence, it is always possible for mistakes to be made and a business to come under pressure from the local authorities. In all circumstances we would urge you to make contact with IHS at the earliest indication – receiving the first letter inviting the DPS to a meeting with the licensing Officer or licensing PC/Sergeant should be the first sign of a problem!

In the event of a major issue, for example failing a test purchase, or a serious violent incident occurring in the venue, immediate action is required to demonstrate to the authorities that the business is serious about resolving its perceived problems. The best way to do this is by engaging a professional company to provide support. IHS will support you through the whole process, making a consultant available for relevant meetings with the authority and creating a bespoke programme to manage the issues and ensure the licensing authorities are satisfied with the actions taken.

If the issue has already progressed beyond this initial contact with the local authority, or if it alone is serious enough to trigger an immediate review, IHS has access to experienced licensing Barristers who can be brought in to give the business the best possible chance of a positive outcome. If in doubt – contact us for an initial consultation.

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